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Sunday, March 15, 2009

"100 Hours of Astronomy" Celebrated by Goddard Space Flight Center

Goddard Space Flight Center
The 100 Hours of Astronomy a courtesy of IYA 2009 will be featured throughout the globe from 2-5 April 2009 and celebrated with the public involvement. In conjunction with the IYA 2009 NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has organized an observation period where public is invited to share the experience during the above timeframe.

NASA news says that there would be lot of events happening ranging from webcasts, tours and education-related showcases, to rocket launchings. The organixing is conducted by the Astrophysics Science Division at Goddard, letting the general public to have a general impression on Galileo and his 400 year old legacy-IYA 2009.

The planned activities include tours to Goddard facilities, rocket launching with the NARHAMS Rocket Club, workshops on how to get started with a telescope, a "Yuri's Night" celebration on 3rd April and moreover, a concert by The Chromatics. Please note that so

me of these a

activities require registration. Apart form these activities at Goddard premises, there will also be a wide range of activities as well. These will be inclusive of a 4.5 mile "Planet Walk" along the Baltimore-Annapolis, and a "Star Party" hosted by the Astronomy Department at Anne Arundel

Community College. Furthermore there would be discussions by planetary scientists!

Goddard Space Flight Center

Therefore Universe shall ever by yours, to discover, as just as the IYA 2009 theme states.

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I have been meaning to answer your question about how I got to achieve google page rank 1. I have been thinking on that. I just know that when I type in most the blogs that I visit frequently I come up with those blogs easily. But I can't find yours easily. I have to go back to 1000 Days Lost in Space and your comment to find you. I type in another blog I started 4 months ago and it comes up 1st also.

Oh!! I just noticed that you have a story about Goddard Space center. Did you know that Mark Goddard (one of the actors in Lost in Space) was actually related to to the man for whom the Space center was named?