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Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPS - Society of Physics Students dominates IYA 2009

Society of Physics StudentsThe SPS - Society of Physics Students- and Sigma Pi Sigma are collaborating in celebration of IYA 2009 and YoS - Year of Science. All the affiliated events will be launched with the theme " A Universe of Wonder"

SPS will work together with other respective participants for IYA 2009 in the special Cornerstand project, which is aimed at enabling 1M students to build their own telescope to experience the effect on how the great Italian mastermind could have observed the heavens. Coined as "Galileoscopes" these telescope will help amateurs to enjoy and feel the presence of IYA 2009 to the bottoms of their hearts while it lasts. SPS SOCKs - Science Outreach Catalyst Kids- will look into the matters of Galileoscopes and their function.

In its endeavours of popularizing the universal ambition, YoS is launching a large range of public Society of Physics Studentsawareness projects, to enable better understanding of the science and its being. Meantime COPUS network - Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science - is also supporting the cause by getting together with allied bodies, such like, SPS and APS. They will strive together to unveil profiles, websites, games, videos, and of course, experiments to the March's "Physics & Technology" thematic hub on YoS 2009 website. In connection of this effort, SPS looks forward to conduct an experiment on "the science of rolling objects". You too can contribute your own data, related to this experiment by submitting them on the YoS 2009 web portal , and later they will be used to analyse the ultimate report of the project.