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Sunday, April 12, 2009

100 HA : Solar Observation Camp By Royal College

100 Hours of Astronomy Sri Lanka
Under one of the key events of the Cornerstone Projects of IYA 2009, and as one of the public involved activities of 100 HA ( 100 Hours of Astronomy ) of Sri Lanka, the Solar Observation Campaign was more highlighted. This Solar Observation Camp was conducted by the members of the Royal College Astronomical Association (RCAS) on the 4th of April 2009 from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm at the Viharamaha Devi Park, Colombo.
100 HA in Action in Sri Lanka100 HA in Action in Sri Lanka
The amateur astronomers, led by the president Thishan Pavithra did pretty well to add more attraction to this public outreach event, with the aim of popularizing IYA 2009 , Astronomy and 100 HA as well. The crew comprised of 4 members and they educated the general public and children who visited the Viharamaha Devi Park during the time. Since it was a bright Saturday noon a lot of people were there and the efforts were successful enough to have more than 12o people flocked to oberve the Sun.100 HA in Action in Sri Lanka

The team used 3 telescopes, including a Newtonian reflector telescope and a Galilean Refractory telescope for the Observation together with relevant filters to avoid the irreversible100 HA Solar Observation Campaign by Royal College Astronomical Crew damage, caused to eyes when observed directly.

Thus one of the 100 HA activities of Sri Lanka concluded with much enthusiasm and joy.100 HA in Action in Sri Lanka
100 HA in Action in Sri Lanka

It's great that IYA 2009 has gone so well..and you can visit the Largest IYA 2009 project of Sri Lanka which is Star Party 2009

Moreover you can come over here to Sri Lanka for the solar eclipse which is happening in January 2010. The official Eclipse 2010 blog is here.