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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IYA 2009 Official Stamps issued worldwide

Here are some beautiful stamps that have been issued by states of many countries, worldwide in celebration of IYA 2009 and Astronomy in general.

This set of IYA 2009 stamps were issued from KoreaAstronomy IYA 2009 StampsThis amazing IYA 2009 stamp set came from Jersey
Astronomy IYA 2009 Stamps+
Hungary's contribution to IYA 2009 official stamps
Astronomy IYA 2009 Stamps
How Canada involved in IYA 2009 philately project.
Astronomy IYA 2009 StampsIsle of Man also created stamps to feature IYA 2009.

Iceland also did a great role in stamps for IYA 2009
Astronomy IYA 2009 StampsAstronomy IYA 2009 Stamps


You know, in the United States, the IYA is not being promoted as well as it seems to be in other countries. Maybe if our postal service would issue stamps like these, more people would take notice.