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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Star Party 2009

The time has now reached for the biggest IYA2009 event of Sri Lanka..Star Party 2009.
The event is just 24+ hours ahead. Every thing seems to be fine and on the track, even the weather in Kandy, where SP 09 is going to be held. Now I'm at Colombo and will be leaving for Kandy within few hours to report about the pre-preparations of the event. Therefore the IYA2009 LK blogger will be able to report you guys the news as it happens, and be tuned in with the updates.
Star Party 2009
This time, where the 6th successive year of Star Party is celebrated, the organizing committee will be giving a live feed of the things happening. Therefore you can watch them real time from the official site @ Also feel free to access the event live at

They have also included a chat box there and you may ask any questions simultaneously and be updated as soon as it happens, The local time of starting will be 4:30 pm on 25 th Sept and if you're in EDT it will be 8:30 am on the same day.

So, it's the time I left for Kandy.. See you guys online with the feed