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Sunday, February 21, 2010

When the Moon meets the Seven Sisters : Pleiades - With Virtual Telescope Tonight

When the Moon meets the Seven Sisters, this is the latest public remote observation event that will be held with the Virtual Telescope. The event be live today (21st February) from 18.30 UT/GMT with the virtual telescope as the Moon will occult the open cluster Pleiades (seven sisters) tonight. Dr. Gianluca Masi has made arrangements to facilitate anyone to watch this real time as it happens right from his personal observatory in Ceccano, Italy. This is the second public event of Virtual telescope in this month.

You can join this free public event at
I'm pretty sure that this is an event that is not to be missed as M45 and Moon compose a fine occultation.
You will be provided with live commentary as the occultation takes place.

The event will be carried out in English and if you're a newbie with virtual telescope, and have time, just read this post about the last public session of Virtual Telescope, to get an idea on how the event will take place.

Let's hope the heavens will be OK tonight ! Since just few hours left for this, please get ready and be prepared to get started with remote observation with virtual telescope !


Great observation. Thanks for sharing this information.