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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Less than 1 Hour left for Global Astronomy Month (GAM)

It's 11:10 pm right now local time in Sri Lanka, Yep it's the last day of this March. Just less than 1 hour left for the dawn of April 2010, which will also mark the GAM's start. However for the countries that are well ahead our time zone, GAM must have already arrived. Especially China, New Zealand & Australia must already have welcome GAM.

I do believe the GAM will be more than a Deja Vu of IYA2009, It will of course feature innovative projects, aimed at making people more aware of Astronomy and its significance. Remember the general theme " One People One Sky", which is indirectly speaking of unification of all the communities without any barriers with the very sky that everybody shares.

In fact the theme is a reflection of AWB (Astronomers Without Borders)'s general motto as per my perspectives. I think you all know that AWB is the driving force behind GAM and AWB is focused on networking astronomers on either sides of a border, with the idea of the same single sky that the people in each side of the border share,

A.E. Housman: A Shropshire Lad, Complete in verse and song

Well that's enough talking... You're just about to go towards the dawn of GAM 2010. It will happen for us in Sri Lanka after next 35 minutes. I heard that GAM will have 30 different projects throughout the 30 days of the April, These projects will focus both on physical and virtual means of bringing astronomy closer to everybody despite anything whatsoever.

Now Let's welcome GAM2010 !!!
One People One Sky