The Blog Has Moved !

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Post of Revival

I thought of publishing this post just to revive the blogging, that I've been continuing over the last 2 years. In fact I'd been way busy during last couple of month, with various stuff, like Uni exams, numerous functions, AIESEC projects, of of course SLUG - which is the latest focus, being the Sri Lanka University Games, held triennially - I got qualified to the Chess team of our University :), Of course this made me stuck in an environment, with less astronomy, when it came to practical aspects in deed. However I'm fortunate not to have missed that much of news and updates thanks to the internet and Facebook community where there're friends like Thilina, Yohan, Joan, Gianluca, Tatiana, Julio etc...

I hope to publish several other posts on some astronomy stuff that are related to Sri Lanka in upcoming posts, and I believe you, the readership will follow me as they did earlier and I take this moment to regret my online absence via this blog during last couple of months.

Let's move forward, the blog has now been revived :)