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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well, If you have read one of the latest blog posts you can be familiar with this '6-photo-slider' that I'm gonna talk about now. Otherwise you can check that out at Starry Night in Kandy | Another Outreach Event with MAS, which will make more sense.

Now I'm gonna present you the 6 photos of the final slideshow we had. Indeed it was a tough challenge for the contestants to correctly recognize the 6 photos, each of which was made visible only for 10 seconds from the projector. Now try it for yourself too and check how many of them are familiar to you. Of course you can have as much time as you prefer, but try to do it quick. Random googling might not help a lot since Google is yet unable to google images/ photos :) Correct answers can be found at lowermost portion of this post. Take a minute just for a small test.







Before giving you the answers I'd like to just let you know about the final evaluation we had.
It was the Sombrero galaxy which was the only object identified by the students. Now go and see how you have performed.

I'd like to hear any feedback as well, if you might have.


  1. Abell Nebula
  2. Sombrero Galaxy
  3. Witch-head Nebula
  4. Apophis Asteroid
  5. Comet Lulin
  6. Hubble Nebula


Very interesting and spectacular photos. The asteroid is certainly too faint for me to view with my limited optical resources, although I have seen Vesta, Pallas and Ceres (now classified as a "Dwarf Planet"). I saw Comet Lulin, but of course it was not as spectacular as the image shown here.