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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dr Gayandhi De Silva is back in Sri Lanka

Dr Gayandhi De Silva, a Sri Lankan astronomer working at Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO)  has returned home and is currently in Sri Lanka, Thus I had the pleasure of meeting her physically, although we've been known to each other since some time following some astronomy project I was involved back then. I was a fan of her blog when she was writing for Cosmic Diary during IYA 2009. I think I was late to hear this news as I just got back to Sri Lanka last week after a period of 2 months in Europe, but I am glad that I was not too late.

Apparently Dr Gayandhi delivered a lecture on Galactic Archaeology last Thursday 12th January 2012 at University of Moratuwa premises. I wanted to attend the lecture and not to miss the chance of meeting her there and was also curious about the topic as well. But I also had an obligatory test to sit for at University during the same time, which prevented me from attending the lecture, However later that day I had the chance of meeting her at Dr. Kavan's place for lunch, I also met other astronomy friends there which was nice, and shared a lot of busy chats as I've been out of contact with them during last 2 months when I was away.

From what I heard Dr Gayandhi is presently being involved with some key project at AAO, where she leads a team in building some scientific equipment to get some information through spectroscopes. I wish all the best for her work and bon voyage when she flies back home..