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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogging from Brazil !!

Finally, I made it to Campos, RJ, Brazil last Monday and now we're the beginning of the 5th Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics. Actually it;s supposed to get started in a few hours time and I will remind you the schedule for today.

Day 1 - April 19th - Dia 19 de abril

Shopping Boulevard - Campos

9:00h – Opening Ceremony - Abertura

10:00h  - My astrophotography work in "The World At Night" – Meu trabalho de Astrofotografia no “The World at Night” - Tamas Ladanyi (TWAN project)

11:00h  - “Astrophotography in Brazil, the victory of passion” -  “Astrofotografia no Brasil, a vitória da paixão” - José Carlos Diniz (NGC 51 and CANF)

12:00h - Lunch - Almoço

14:00h - “Living the Idea“ – “Vivendo a ideia” - Johannes Stübler (AWB – Austria)

15:0h - “Living in the desert and the E-ELT, ESO's newest challenge” – “Vivendo no deserto e o E-ELT, o mais novo desafio do ESO” -  Dimitri Gadotti (ESO)

16:00h – Coffee Break - Intervalo

16:15h – “Jorge Marcgrave in Dutch Brazil: his founder role in Astronomy of Brazil and of the New World” -   "Jorge Marcgrave no Brasil holandês: seu papel fundador na astronomia do Brasil e do Novo Mundo" - Oscar Matsuura (IAG/USP retired researcher, associate researcher of MAST/MCT and HCTE/UFRJ)

19:00h – Sky Observation and Cultural Activities


The location of the first day "Shopping Boulevard" is the largest shopping mall in the Campos and it looks really modern and an interesting place, Last 2 days we've had astronomy exhibition there and many youth from around the schools in Capmos took part in it. The set if events comprised of the mobile planetarium session and the movie "Space Station" aired in Portuguese in the cinema of the Shopping Boulevard.

So far I've tried to learn some Portuguese with the help of Marcelo, the members  of the astronomical society - Louis Cruls Astronomy Club and other locals. Hope there will be some improvement kudos to them !

Stay tuned for more news.



good luck machang..... we r proud of yu man...

Many thanks !, You say 'Obrigado' here !