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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cheapest Telescope : IYA FirstScope

IYA 2009 Latest Official Product FirstScope Telescope
IYA 2009 & IYA 2009 Global Sponsor: Celestron proudly present the latest featured official product of IYA 2009, FirstScope Telescope. This standard Dobsonian style telescope is ideal for an amateur and it's so lovely that anyone is attracted to its awesome look. The FirstScope comes with a reflector optical tube with 76 mm aperture.

This handy astronomical telescope is easy to carry outdoors and use. The user-friendly navigation allows you to direct the tube into whatever direction you like and observe the heavens. What is more exciting is FirstScope is only priced at $ 24.50 (US Currency) plus shipping payments. The FirstScope is available within the IYA 2009 Network. Unfortunately the individual orders are not accepted and the orders should be made via the Single Points of Contacts as bulk orders. IYA 2009 Single Points of Contacts, who are willing to order the telescope should contact Celestron, before 30 June 2009, which is the deadline.

Celestron FirstScope - Order Form

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Please send the order form as soon as possible (before 30 June 2009) to:

For more information please contact:

Michelle Meskill
Marketing Manager
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