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Thursday, April 8, 2010

GAM- Is There Anybody Out There ? : Spying the Exoplanet TrES-3b

Back to back nights with astronomy, which is such an irresistible sequence of events, were taking place right from 06th of April, This GAM 2010 featured remote observation sessions continued even on 07th of April, supporting the fact that quench for the true astronomy is hardly appeased. I hope this is the 2nd night that Gianluca broke rest. His dedication to the GAM & Astronomy is so remarkable...

After running a long marathon collecting more than 100 Messier objects all over the heavens, our next goal was an espionage, Yes literally we set out to spy the Exoplanet TrES-3b, which was transiting over it's own star. We were led by Gianluca with his clear and detailed commentary and we had Virtual Telescope by your side to equip us with the tools necessary for the analytics of  far-away TrES-3b.

Here is a video that I created, featuring Gianluca during our Espionage of TrES-3b.

This starry adventure was more of a scientific one, which was capable of determining many parameters with pure science, astrophysics indeed. We can plot a graph from the data yielded from observations and then integrate all the plots with error bars to determine important information of the target, which in this case was TrES-3b. I have posted below some of the raw plots and full graph in the end.

The parameters such as velocity, mass,  orbital period, etc of Exoplanet TrES-3b could be deciphered from the plots, and I welcome anybody to go ahead and analyze the data and make them available here with a comment. This is just to make you, readers more knowledgeable and build a colloquium on this great exercise..

As same as in the previous remote observation session, participants were issued with a certificate, which is in fact a souvenir of GAM2010. So far GAM has been so thrilling and exciting and I believe in the fact it will continue to fascinate more people under the AWB's general slogan "One People One Sky"

Here is the certificate

Thus follows the plots, First I will post the final Plot, !!

Here are the rest of plots that were made with the help of Virtual Telescope, There are ordered in the order of their time of being plotted. Firtst one is the earliest and so on and so forth.

Thank you AWB, VT & Gianluca for giving all of us a great chance to keep discovering the universe on our own with GAM 2010. Be ready for the upcoming GAM events Saturn Watch and Here Comes the Sun !