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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Set of Podcasts dedicated to Global Astronomy Month |GAM 2010

I was lucky enough to hear about lot of projects organized by different countries for GAM 2010. The GAM kicked off on 1st of April and this is the 4th day of GAM. Thus far, I have heard of Nepal's endeavors for GAM especially through Facebook network, I saw frequent status updates from my Nepalese friend Riwaj about their GAM activities started right from the 1st day.

Well, as from Sri Lanka we will also have a set of projects to celebrate the Global Astronomy Month. As far as I am aware these projects include a series of GAM-dedicated podcasts, some observation sessions (day/ night) and astronomy talks.

However I will generally focus this post on the featured series of podcasts for GAM. In fact I was able to contribute to the 1st one of those today. We had a recording of a podcast this evening @ Hasitha's place in Malabe. My colleagues Thilina, Hasitha, & Anuradha were the other guys with me, If you're familiar with this blog you should know about these people, Thilina is the General Secretary of Sri Lanka Astronomical Association, whereas Hasitha & Anuradha (Anu) are the webmasters of famous Sri Lankan astronomy portal SKYLK.COM

 Here we are at the podcast session !

In today's podcast we didn't stick to a single topic as usual, and highlighted GAM 2010 and brought out some astronomy news basically on CERN, Saturn, Sun Spots & etc. SO I had a great time recording the podcast this evening.

The recorded podcasting sessions will be edited and will soon go online on SkyLK Podcast
We are planning to do 4 podcasts throughout the GAM and bring it out with more interesting topics, that might appeal to you all.

Feel free to share your GAM experiences here as well, simply because it's all about One People One Sky !