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Monday, July 12, 2010

Eclipse 11th July 2010 : Photos + Videos + Experience

The only total solar eclipse of the year 2010 took place few hours ago over the South Pacific Ocean and some Latin American countries. Many astronomers + eclipse-chasers, who had already made it to the possible eclipse sites were lucky enough to witness the total solar eclipse with fairly good weather condition. Traversing over the South Pacific the silhouette of the moon crossed over Polynesian Islands, Easter Island, Cook Island and ended its path from Southern Argentina after going through Chilean territories.

Moreover it was more interesting to see Easter Island / Isla de Pasqua being crowded with a lot of people interested in astronomy & astrophotography in general. It's also noteworthy that the same island is subject to Archaeoastronomy | ethnoastronomy as well.

It was glad to see some of these astronomy groups live streaming the webcast of total solar eclipse with instantaneous tweets as well. In my opinion that was very helpful for the rest of the enthusiasts, who have not been unable to make their way to South Pacific/ Chile.

Here are some of the videos that have been recorded featuring different phases of the entire eclipse. These include the phenomena such as totality of the total solar eclipse, the solar corona, and the spectacular diamond ring effect, that are not to be missed in an eclipse like this.

Credit : WOLFC2008 [You can check out his youtube channel and there're more videos uploaded featuring the Total Eclipse]

The following is a footage courtesy of AFP featuring Pre-eclipse preparations at eclipse site located in Easter Island among those ancient cultural icons/ artifacts.

This is an another video produced by Reuters [Thanks Universe Cafe for sharing this :)] catching some best moments during the total solar eclipse. This is also from Easter Island by

I was tuned in with the live webcast brought out by Wakayama University from Hao Islands (French Polynesia) while the tweets of Ichikawa Yuichi from the same group kept many of the viewers updated.

Credit : Wakayama University 

Here are some of the great photos featuring the total solar eclipse.

Credit: Donald Gardner [Atoll de Hao, French Polynesia, South Pacific]

Credit :Alejandro Tombolini [Trenel, La Pampa, Argentina]

It was evident from the Google trends that people were after the total eclipse and Fifa WC Finals during last few hours. For example the EclipseBlog I manage in both Spanish and English received more than 20,000 visitors during last 24-hours.

In case you happened to miss the eclipse, still you can watch the recordings. They can be accessed here. These are courtesy of  Wakayama University Group.

1. #1 from Hao, French Polynesia
2. #2 from Hao, French Polynesia


Next total eclipse will be November 2012. End of Days. There will be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide. :(

Nopes, that's totally myth, no world's end !!