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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Watch Total Solar Eclipse 11th July 2010 Live Streaming from EclipseBlog

The most awaited total solar eclipse of the year 2010 is about to take place in less than next 20 hours from now. There have been a lot of groups/ individuals flocked at South Pacific islands and Chilean territories right now waiting for the eclipse to take place.

The EclipseBlog will be featuring live feeds from different sources as an attempt to bring the eclipse live to many those whoa re unable to make it to the exact locations. During last Annular solar eclipse, back on 15th January EclipseBlog together with SkyLK brought out a live streaming of the eclipse from Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Here is the webpage where you can watch the eclipse online.

Let's hope the weather will be fine and everything would be ideal for the total solar eclipse.

Here are some basic facts about this total solar eclipse.

As the second solar eclipse of the year 2010, there will be a total solar eclipse on 11th of July 2010. This will also be the only total solar eclipse visible for this year. In this eclipse the totality will last for maximum 5 minutes and 20 seconds, exactly at the point (Co-ordinates : 19.7S & 121.9W) which is marked in below map. The totality will start at 18:15:15 GMT (UT) and will end at 20:51:42 GMT (UT) as the shadow leaves the Earth.

eclipse, total, solar, July, 2010

Path of Total Solar Eclipse :

The path of the eclipse, whose maximal width would be some 259 km, falls over the southern hemisphere of the planet, mostly traversing through the Pacific Ocean. In fact the Moon's umbral shadow will cast through the South Pacific Ocean while Cook Islands (especially Mangaia, the oldest island in the Pacific) & famous Easter Island (Isla de Pascua in Spanish)will be the only landmasses to be encountered in the South Pacific Ocean. Then the moon's shadow of the total solar eclipse will take the route across southern Chile and Argentina, as the totality will come to an end from there onwards. 

eclipse, total, solar, July, 2010

Path of Partial Solar Eclipse :

In addition to the totality, which is restricted only for a small populated territory, a partial solar eclipse, caused by the Moon's penumbral shadow will be visible to a wider region, which includes South Pacific and South America. The counties where the eclipse would be visible as a partial solar eclipse include Argentina, Chile, Peru & Bolivia. If you're inside a vessel in South Pacific you will likely at least see the partial solar eclipse.