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Friday, February 20, 2009

Astronomical Society of Nalanda College


Astronomy can be mentioned as a subject that has been developed from the beginning of Mankind to the present day. Therefore, Astronomy is the oldest science in the whole world. Though, it is gathering its pace through some present day to day scientific activities. School Education, Scientific Organizations, Government & Non-Government Research Institutions and Scientists in this field have been a big part in this process.

Though Astronomy was one of the most popular sciences in the world, Sri Lanka was poor in progress. Therefore, at the beginning it was hard to carry on with our programme, because no one knew about this science and not much people were involved in this subject. It was our society that changed the gear and gave this subject the recognition it should have had in Sri Lanka.

NCAS regularly had lectures for their members in each week, on every Friday. Other than that, they had done more than 200 night camps, some day camps, special lectures, workshops, astronomy days, quizzes and exhibitions.