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Saturday, February 14, 2009

IYA 2009 LK affiliated Observation Camp at Piliyandala

Yesterday, 13th of Feb. 2009 I got a chance of contributing to the 4th annual Observation Camp organized by the Leo Club, Piliyandala for the students of Kahapola Junior College. I was glad to see nearly 100 students from Grade 7 to 11 flocking together for such a scientific gathering. Camp took place at the college premises, starting at 6.30 pm and lasted till the the dawn of the next day.

The participants got a fair knowledge on Observational Astronomy and had a team work session, where they made impressive modes of the Colombia Space Shuttle in memory of the 6th anniversary of the honourable astronauts of the very Shuttle.

Apart from the indoor activity, they had the outdoor observation session and everybody got a clear impression on star charts and got familiar with celestial bodies, thus adding a variety for their normal routine. The Lunar phrases, and rings of the Saturn were clearly observed with a Newtonian Telescope with an Alti-Azimuth mounting system.

At the end everybody, including teachers and parents were capable of having a promising impression on Observational Astronomy. Accredited personnel from AALK ( Astronomical Association of Sri Lanka ), Skylk and ASSC ( Astronomy & Space Study Center ) contributed their voluntary service to this endeavour. Also a special thank goes out to the members and BoO of Piliyandala Leo Club for making the necessary arrangements under their Educational Projects.

This Observation Camp was held in affiliation with the IYA 2009 events of Sri Lanka.