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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Galileoscope Impresses All, Tried it?

Being strangers to their own skies, our ancestors were able to observe the heavens, 4 centuries ago, as the telescope came into being. He was none other than Galileo Galilei, an Italian who changes the way of the flow of the world. He was so selfless that he illustrated his observations and published them and left behind all of the legacies with his demise. However with gratitude to this influential man, his offspring is advancing towards distant goals and thus 2009 remarks the 400th anniversary of the primordial telescopic observations, ever done by an Earthling -Galileo-

Although Galileo's telescope was so primitive relative to present telescopes, it was smart enough to let Galileo observe the purified cosmos. Among his observations, were Jupiter's satellites, Saturn's rings, phases of Venus and Moon's craters.

Now Guess What?

Since it's IYA 2009 already, you still have the rights to recall what Galileo might have seen. Not a Déjà vu for you, but for him, in case he still existed. It's the Galileoscope.

It's great to see that Galileoscope ranks among other equivalents Cornerstand projects and the idea is to create a replica of what Galileo used 4 centuries ago. Follwing would be what is required to assemble this phenominal legacy.

  • A glass of 2-inch lens
  • Plastic casing
  • Eyepiece
  • Barlow lens
Actually Barlow lens are used to double the magnification and the construction of Galileoscope is expremely simple. Even a child could do it with a little support of a mature. For anyone interested in buying a Galileoscope, we got good nows. It's only $15!. Unbelieavable ha?

However the ambition of the promoters is to make telescopes as cheaply as possible worldwide ans physically enabling anyone to observe the skies, while spreading the news of the IYA 2009 in every nook and corner.

Furthermore, the organizers have made it such that you can have the privilege of donating a telescope to the needy, anywhere in the world. A telescope can be donated anonymously for only $12.50. If you have time, feel free to pay a visit to the Galileoscope page. There are many resources available to be obtained and benefited. Even if you feel so generous, don't throw away the idea of donating a telescope to a fellow earthling on your very mother planet.