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Sunday, March 8, 2009

IYA 2009 makes oldest telescopes to flock together in Adler Planetarium

Astronomy IYA 20091609 has been the turning point of human civilization for the fact that it was the very occasion when an individual earthling was able to observe the heavens of the universe and it will prove that soon. Thus Galileo Galilei's observation led to greater enhancements later on and after 400 years, celebrating the 4th century of the initial outreach International year of Astronomy resembles the importance of astronomy and its fundamental and sublime influence on almost everything.

In connection with the IYA 2009 the Adler Planetarium is arranging an exhibition of world's oldest telescopes to have Astronomy IYA 2009more popularization towards the IYA 2009. This will be conducted with two shows.

1.Telescopes: Through the Looking Glass

From 22nd May 2009 onwards, anyone can have an edge over anything of its nature. This 18th century Italian production would be one of the best featured and many ancient telescopes will be unveiled for public exposure. Vary from foot to 20 feet in length they are like to be the most hits by visitors. Thus the Adler Planetarium will reserve the rights to officially exhibit the most irresistible collection of primitive telescoAstronomy IYA 2009pes and would definitely be counted as a pinnacle.

2. 3-D Universe: A Symphony

This is yet another feat that is able to house a great lot of information and attraction. The event kicks off in the virtual art gallery and inspiring and picturesque images will be on display featuring, nebulae, galaxies, and other cosmic enigmas. Also you can enjoy the music of Mussorgsky's suite " Pictures at an Exhibition" being performed by Chicago Symphony Orchestra


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I've been to Adler Planetarium twice to see their "Throough the Looking Glass" exhibit. It was quite interesting, and many of the historic telescopes were of very small aperture. The highlight for me was one of Herschel's telescopes, one identical to the one he discovered Uranus with. I have a picture of that telescope on my Facebook page. Anybody who will be near Chicago should check out this exhibit. Thanks Desh, and keep updating!