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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Tribute to IYA 2009 : A Poem on Pluto

Here is my tribute to IYA 2009: A Poem

I composed this in early 2007, when I was the president of Anandian Astronomical Association for the years 2006/2007. However now it's the almost the end of 2009. Therefore, while IYA 2009 is still due, I hit on the idea of paying tribute to the Galileo's efforts with my poem which has not yet been published online. however it was printed on this years Star Party 2009 souvenir for the first time and I had good feedback on it. It was the era when Pluto was subject to many colloquial talks on astronomy. They were debating whether Pluto was a planet. I felt sad for Pluto and I though of composing a poem, from the perspective of Pluto.
My Tribute to IYA 2009 : A Poem on Pluto
Here is my poem..

Enjoy it !!!


Who am I?

Once was the quest of the Earthmen
Being so nicely shaped and probed
Who wanted me most were astrologers
Instead astronomers made me unclassified

Although far and smallest may I be
I feel I deserve a place you see
To be precise and to be a planet née
Hey all the summit members, vote for me

There will be a day, where you pay nemesis
Just for not letting me in the premises
Along with Nix and Hydra paying off my genesis
You could have seen me ill-treated Einstein the physicist

Artifacts will ever fly by
Even New Horizons may sometimes lie
Having this in mind I shall cry
I don’t know who am I ?

Composition :- J D Prasanna Deshapriya

Update 06/10/2014

Pluto to become a planet again ?

Well, after what is a matter of more than 5 years, from the above online publication and after 7 years from the original printed publication, my plea for reconsideration of Ploto for planethood seems to have been answered. Apparently there is a debate currently taking place in the community of astronomers whether Pluto should be validated and upgraded as a planet. Things seem a bit dramatic and we have to wait for the final endorsement from IAU, whether Pluto is no longer a dwarf planet. 


Nice Prasanna!! makes Pluto feeling like human and asking same questions,who am I? WELL DONE!!and greetings!

Thanks Biel,,
for your nice comment and feeling much about Pluto...