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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Observational Night Camp by MAS (Mathematical & Astronomical Society), UoC

Hi folks,

I have a good news for you again. It has not been a long I have posted that I got admitted to the University of Colombo Sri Lanka for my higher studies. Moreover I have also talked about the MAS, which stands for Mathematical & Astronomical Society of University of Colombo in my previous posts. If you have subscribed with me for a quite a long period, you must be aware of Star Quest | Interschool Quiz Competition, organized by the very society ( Read here )
. However, getting back to the topic, I have to say that I joined with those guys out there @ MAS ( Find more about MAS here and now there's an upcoming event organized by MAS featuring IYA 2009 as well.
Observational Night Camp by MAS (Mathematical & Astronomical Society), UoC

Thing is that there would be an Obdservational Night Camp on 9th of October 2009, meaning that it's the next Friday. The camp will be carried out from 6:00 pm to 5:00 am next morning.
The campaign will be held in the University premises and we are willing forward to an exciting event by MAS.

Please feel free to post your ideas, here...