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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Series of Lectures by MAS UoC: Lecture 1- Space Shuttles

The Mathematical & Astronomical Society (MAS) of University of Colombo (UoC) has arranged a new lecture series, commencing from Friday, 23rd October 2009. The lectures are scheduled to continue weekly through the 1st semester of the academic year.

The lecturers will be fourth year students, who have been qualified for a special degree and office bearers of the society. Lecturers include following personnel.

  • Ms. Monika Madhavi - President
  • Mr. Buddhika Priyasad - Vice President
  • Mr. Lasitha Senaratne - Editor
The lectures will be delivered at the PSR (Physics Seminar Room), Department of Physics, UoC from 4 .00 pm onwards.

The Lecture No 01- Space Shuttles

A Series of Lectures by MAS UoC: Lecture 1- Space Shuttles
The very first lecture was on space shuttles and was delivered by Mr. Buddhika Priyasad - Vice President of MAS.

The lecturer Mr. Buddhika Priyasad interactively conducted the lecture and I also came to know more about the Space Shuttles and their structure. He explained how the 1st Space Shuttle was launched back in 12th April 1981, while 2 passengers John W Young & Robert L Crippon were aboard. Then there was more explanation on "anatomy" of a shuttle, ranging from SRDs (Solid Rocket Boosters), engines, ETs (External Tanks) to orbiter.

There was also a video featuring the launch of a Shuttle, which was impressive. In addition there was a live streaming of the lecture via official site @

If you have missed the lecture, still you can watch the archived videos here.

Recorded video clips - Lecture - 2009-10-23 - by Buddhika Priyasad