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Friday, November 13, 2009

Send Your Messege to Venus along with Your Name; Your Gift for IYA2009

Today, I come back to you with this cool news, which will make many of you amazed. Yes, it's true. Now you can send your name to Venus together with your name aboard AKATSUKI, (Planet-C) The Venus Climate Orbiter, scheduled to be launched in 2010 by JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency)

According to their project, JAXA is allowing anyone, interested to send their names across AKATSUKI to Venus. You can send them online @ following page of JAXA site.

Momentarily you will be given a certificate upon the submission of the message together with your name. The certificate portrays your message together with your name in an elegant manner. I have attached mine here for you guys to have a look. All the messages will be etched on Aluminum plate prior to them being put aboard AKATSUKI, The Venus Climate Orbiter.

Send Your Massege to Venus along with Your Name; Your Gift for IYA2009

Since the deadline is 25th Dec 2009, be hurry and spread the message among friends.

In addition this is carried out with respect to IYA 2009 by International Year of Astronomy 2009 Japan Committee, which presently manages the message campaign, allowing anyone on Earth to send their wishes and thoughts to the Goddess of Beauty , Venus. This message campaign is aimed at improving the understanding of Japanese space science research activities, thus enabling the general Japanese IYA2009 missions to be accomplished as well.

I can also recall few years back when I got the Change to send a message aboard a spacecraft for the very first time, the Selene project, which was also carried out by JAXA. It was during 2006/2007 I guess. I still have the certificate that I received upon submitting the message.

Therefore you're strongly encouraged to send a message in this special year of IYA2009.