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Sunday, November 22, 2009

40years of Space Age & Beyond - FYOSA- by Royal College Astronomical Society

International Year of Astronomy is fast reaching its irresistible end at the moment, However the people have not given up their endeavors in organizing mega events to celebrate the 400th anniversary of first Galilean telescopic observations back in 1609. Especially the students of RCAS- Royal College Astronomical Society have prepared themselves to showcase yet an extraordinary event for IYA2009.

Yes, literally speaking these young fellas have come up with a great theme - 40Years of Space Age & Beyond. What a theme for an IYA event !!40years of Space Age & Beyond ,FYOSA, Royal College Astronomical Society

This will be the largest IYA 2009 project organized by RCAS integrating an astronomy workshop, Sci-Fi competition, and an elegant exhibition featuring the moon rocks from the memorial Apollo 11. The event will take place from 8th to 9th of December 2009.

The Royal College Astronomical Society, which has a history of more than 4 decades, has contributed immensely towards the enhancement of astronomy and science in Sri Lanka. Its projects have been successful in ameliorating individual skills to professional levels, enabling students to find their careers in astronomy. One such example is Professor Kavan U Ratnatunga, who is an alumnus of RCAS.

40years of Space Age & Beyond ,FYOSA, Royal College Astronomical Society
Well, the workshop of FYOSA will focus on space programs of last 40 years, and future missions to space, plus colonies in extra terrestrial territories. (I hope Virgin Galactic/ Spaceport owner, Richard Branson will have some idea to share with, lol). As I remember the workshop is an annual event that the RCAS has been going ahead with. For sure, it will have more highlight with FYOSA in this IYA2009

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Furthermore the moonstones from memorial Apollo 11, that were presented to Sri Lanka from the US president Richard Nixon, will be on display during the 2 days. This would be historical as these stones are usually not displayed for public, without any special cause. So guys, don't miss out this great chance. Have either of 8 and 9, or both free to visit the Royal College, Colombo and be an eye-witness of this historical change. Moreover some important and valuable photographs taken from Apollo 11 will also be displayed together with the moonstones during the exhibition session.


The awarding ceremony of Sci-Fi competition will also take place during this great event. I have earlier posted about the competition in this blog and you may find some important details here as well.

The official news is here too