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Friday, June 19, 2009

Spaceport: A Reality by Next Summer | Virgin Galactic Will be Ready

It seems that Western US will be more and more popular in the times to come, as the world's first ever rather primordial Spaceport is planned to be set-up in the frontier, starting from today 19th June 2009. Today will remark the beginning of an extraordinary episode of space travel, and to be precise space tourism in fact. New Mexico will provide the house to this first commercial spaceport, enabling a wide range of global citizens to go beyond Earth's limits.

This imaginary picture depicts of the completed Spaceport, named as Virgin Galactic. The groundbreaking ceremonies will start with a flyover by the White Knight Two, which is the Mothership that will transport the tourist aboard towards heavens. Perhaps it might be possible to find famous tycoons waving to their friends saying "I'm gonna go to heavens for a while, let's join" in the recent times with the unveiling of the Virgin Galactic.
Spaceport: A Reality by Next Summer | Virgin Galactic Will be Ready

It's highlighted that the waiting list for the upcoming voyages has been extended with the names exceeding 25o people already. The list is supposed to continue rapidly as the establishment of Virgin Galactic is now in progress.

The runway will be finished by next summer whereas the corresponding terminal and hangar will be completed by the December 2010, giving hopes for a soon tour amidst the orbits.
Meanwhile companies such as XCOR Aerospace and Armadillo Aerospace are developing spacecraft for $95,000 flights. However it's expected that the costs will drop as there are many options. Furthermore there is a launching pad from the terminal and it is prepared for 20-foot rockets, which have been used for scientific research purposes during last 2 years.

If you are located near to New Mexico, why not drop by at the groundbreaking ceremonies,which are free for public to attend?