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Friday, May 29, 2009

IYA 2009 Cornerstone Projects

IYA 2009 Cornerstone Projects official poster
There are 12 Cornerstone projects that all together contribute to the International Year of Astronomy 2009. Each Cornerstone project is a unique worldwide project and most are aimed at achieving specific goals, that fall into the arena of IYA 2009 missions. These 12 Cornerstone projects determine the whole project success of International Year of Astronomy 2009. Here is a list of projects endorsed by the International Astronomical Union for the IYA 2009.

  1. 100 Hours of Astronomy
  2. The Galileoscope
  3. Cosmic Diary
  4. The Portal to the Universe
  5. She is an Astronomer
  6. Dark Skies Awareness
  7. Astronomy & World Heritage
  8. Galileo Teacher Training Programme
  9. Universe Awareness
  10. From Earth to the Universe
  11. Developing Astronomy Globally
  12. Galilean Nights
Now you can see how the Cornerstone projects vary from each other, each focusing on a different and unique theme. However, In addition there are Special projects dedicated for the IYA 2009 as well. We will discuss them in next post.