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Sunday, May 10, 2009

IYA 2009 Interactive Stamps of Malta

The number of stamps, published for IYA 2009 is fast growing at the moment. A lot of countries and states have already published many valuable and beautiful stamps for International Year of Astronomy 2009. However I though of publishing this new set of stamps that I came acr0ss in the blogosphere, despite my previous post on stamps at on the very IYA 2009 stamps. But before begin, give a warm round of applause for Galileo Galilei, the fundamental figure behind the IYA 2009.

Long Live Galileo!

The following two stamps were to be issued on the 09 th of May 2009 by the Maltese Post.

The stamp to your right, valued at 0.37 Euros features a portrait of Galieo Galilei and against the Orion background, are the sketches of Moon, drawn by Galieo, himself and this stamp also commemorates the 40th anniversary of primordial Lunar landing by a manned-spacecraft, which was the model "Eagle" of historical Appollo 11, back in 1969. The stamps were designed by Dr. Gordon Caruana Dingli, the IYA 2009 Malta SPoC and Alexei Pace, whereas the image of the Galileo in the stamp was painted by Francesco Boschi.

IYA 2009 Interactive Stamps Issued by Malta

IYA 2009 Interactive Stamps Issued by Malta

The stamp on the left, illustrates the great telescope of William Lassell, and is valued at 1.19 Euros. William Lassell had his telescope, set up in Malta from 1861 to 1865 and did a lot of observations fro the Maltese territories. In fact the background, showcasing the nebula M42 was observed by Lassell during the same period. The picturesque stamp shows you haw complex the telescope was and the size of it can be determined, as there's a figure of Lassell on the scene as well.


Thank you for your kind comments.
I am very pleased that you like Maltapost stamps.

Allow me to make a small correction, Francesco Boschi painted the portrait of Galileo.
The stamps were designed by Alexei Pace and myself.

Gordon Caruana Dingli
IYA 2009 Malta SPoC