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Thursday, December 10, 2009

1st Anniversary of IYA2009 Astronomy Sri Lanka Blog

Happy Anniversary !!!

Guys, I'm so happy today as today marks the 365th day since the start of this blog. In other words, this IYA2009 blog celebrates its 1st anniversary today. Yes, literally I started this task of blogging on 10th December 2008. You can refer to the archives in this blog for verification !! It's been a whole year full of exciting IYA endeavors throughout !!

I feel it's exciting to be a blogger of astronomy as you have updated news regularly to blog about.

Initially this blog was started as a my own idea and I tired to blog as frequent as possible updating you people with regular news regrading IYA2009. Right from the beginning there were a lot of people who were supportive for my task of blogging. They include Prof. Kavan Ratnatunga, the SPoC of national node of Sri Lanka, Mr. Thilina Heenatigala, the national node secretary, Mr. Hasitha Karunaratne and Mr. Anuradha Jayathilake the webmasters of and many others to whom my sincere thank goes out to.

1st Anniversary of IYA2009 Astronomy Sri Lanka Blog

I'd also thank you people the community around me for encouraging me with your valuable ideas via comments and keeping me up throughout the blogging. Therefore it's my sincere wish that you would join hands with me in this endeavor of promoting and sharing stuff for IYA2009.