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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Galileoscope Another Legacy of IYA2009

It seems like that IYA2009 is leaving us with a lot of legacies left behind. I think many of you guys have experienced Galilean moments and funny moments in this IYA2009. However for us Sri Lankans it was unable to get Galileoscopes and even IYA2009 Firstscope as a legendary tool and as well as a souvenir to cherish the International Year of Astronomy 2009. I tired to get them down via the national node but the efforts didn't succeed.

However I believe that there are ample of people with Galileoscopes with them at the moment,
Therefore I'm posting this youtube video to show you how how to assemble and utilized, mount the Galileoscope out of the pack. This clearly shows how it's done perfectly.

Of course, you might wonder what could be seen with a Galileoscope ?

Yes it's so amazing that IYA2009 has been able to replicate astronomy genius Galileo's telescope with today's material. You can observe the crater of Moon, the phases of Venus, the Jovian Jupiter complete with Galilean satellites, Saturn's rings and many celestial and heavenly objects that are too much faded/ invisible to be seen with naked eye. I thank for the collective efforts of International Astronomical Union (IAU), United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

So here is the video....

Furthermore, as I believe this video will be able to give an insight and reflect the IYA2009's legacy Galileoscope for the people who are unable to have it so far. Everyone is encouraged to get a Galileoscope and go out in the night for observing heavens even in this latter past of IYA2009. (See: only 22 days or just 3 weeks left in this IYA2009 ) Hurry up guys !! Grab your IYA2009 souvenir Galileoscope right now ASAP.