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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IYA 2009 Cornerstone Project: Cosmic Diary

Cosmic Diary, IYA 2009 Sri Lanka
As you know there are many Cornerstone Projects of International Year of Astronomy 2009.
The Cosmic Diary Project is bit vivid among them and is contributed by a worldwide community of astronomers, all of whom are competent in the field and their niche. This blog post discusses about them and their respective institutions, collaborating with IYA 2009 and its Cornerstone Projects.

Diarists from ESA

  1. Detlef Koschny
  2. Salim Ansari
  3. Giuseppe Racca
  4. Team INTEGRAL
  5. Mark Kidger
Diarists from ESO

  1. Nadine Neumayer
  2. Heidi Korhonen
  3. Annalisa Calamida
  4. Diego Garcia
  5. Gaitee Hussain
  6. Gayandhi de Silva
  7. Gerard van Belle
  8. Linda Schmidtobreick
  9. Mariya Lyubenova
  10. Michael Dumke
  11. Nando Patat
  12. Suzanna Randall
  13. Thomas Dall
  14. Thomas Rivinius
  15. Aybüke Küpcü Yoldas
Diarists of JAXA

  1. Seiichi Sakamoto
  2. Yoshimi Kitamura
  3. Toshifumi Shimizu
  4. Akihiro Doi
NASA Diarists

  1. David Smith
  2. Franck Marchis
  3. Amy Mainzer
  4. Kelly Korreck
  5. Ned Wright
  6. David J. Thompson
  7. Amber Straughn
  8. Sten Odenwald
Thanks to the efforts of these bloggers/ diarists we can be updated on latest IYA 2009 and astronomy happenings of the world.
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