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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Japanese Sand & Flower Festa 2009 themed after Galileo & IYA 2009

Japanese Sand & Flower Festa 2009 in themed after Galileo & IYA 2009

The 22nd Japanese Sand & Flower Festa 2009 in Minamisatsuma was held from May 2 to 6 at Fukiage Beach in Kagoshima Prefecture. The festival has a such a beautiful story that relates how the city was determined to activate with efforts of making gigantic sculptures from the sand of Fukiage beach. The inaugural festival was held back in 1987 and the festival continued to be held annually thereupon. This has also become a major tourist attraction of Japan as there were some 150 thousand visitors to the Fukiage beach during previous episode of the festival, held last year.

Well, one might wonder what this has to do with astronomy and IYA 2009. What does something like that has do with an astronomy and IYA 2009 blog.

Yes, there's indeed a lot, to be precise. As this year's festival has been themed after Galileo Galilei and IYA 2009, there's a lot indeed to talk about IYA 2009 happenings of Japan as well.

However this contribution too will generate a lot of new experience to anyone involved in "Sand & Flower Festa 2009". Plus this has been declared an official event if IYA 2009.

Seiichi Sakamoto, one of JAXA's (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) bloggers on the Cosmic Diary was invited to deliver a speech as a delegate of the IYA 2009 Japan Committee and JAXA at the event.