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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ancient Chinese Star Map: Please Decode

This is an image I found at Facebook. In fact this is the 1st occasion I stumbled at this.
It is supposed to showcase the ancient Chinese map of Earth. It portrays northern hemisphere and it is a part of Chinese Dunhuang Star Atlas from 649 to 684 d.C.

I would like to investigate more on this and I see some Chinese characters written on the image.
I shall be more than glad if I could find someone out there, who is able to translate them to English.

Ancient Chinese Star Map, Please Decode

In fact it's a worthy cause and I request our readers to find more about this and let the others know about the findings as well.

Just go to Google and do some research.

Comments are always welcome !


this was also the topic of the Astronomy Picture of the Day of today, which has a link to a paper which has more information on this map. I hope you can find what you were looking for!

Dear Desh, I am sorry, I cannot help you, because I am Italian, not Chinese… Anyway, I find it wounderful. It is an ancient piece of astronomical history, unique and precious, revealing the knowledge of our ancestors.
Like the Rosetta stone for the Egypt…