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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IYA 2009 Astronomy Sri Lanka Blogger Onair

Taru Widu Saraniya radio program on astronomy, onair Recording

Hello Everyone!

I'm getting back to you after a while and some pause. Thanks a lot for those who sent comments enclosing feedback. Well now I'm gonna tell you about a privilege that I was entitled to, as per my title of IYA 2009 Astronomy Sri Lanka blogger.

In fact, I was invited for an astronomy-related radio program, broadcast in local Radio. The recordings were held at SLBC (Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporations) in the evening of last Saturday, the 6th.

I took part to the recordings together with 2 of my astronomy colleagues, who are namely Pulasthi Shyamika Kanatthage and Hasitha Karunarathne. It is important to say that latter is a webmaster of SkyLK, an astronomy related website, featured in Sinhalese.

The program was "Taru Widu Saraniya" translated :Wisdom of Astronomy. The radio broadcast is conducted by Chinthaka Weerakoone, a 3rd-year medical student of University of Sri Jayawaradanepura, Colombo. Tharu Widu Saraniya is broadcast once a week on Wednesdays from 4:30 pm onwards in the local radio channel "Swadeshiiya Sewaya" via FM 90.3 and 97.3
Actually this astronomy broadcast is a part of a children's program called "Lama Pitiya" and the main goal is helping the children, teenagers and students, to improve their knowledge in astronomy.

Well, we discussed onair, a bunch of important things on that day. In the initial stage we started from new trends and updates of global astronomy and then moved on to different aspects, like the Nebulae, Lunar stuff and Anti-matter plus the inadequacy of optional energTaru Widu Saraniya radio program on astronomy, onair Recordingy source, faced by developed states.

Moreover it's glad to highlight that there's such a method for the listeners, to receive free star-maps, and stand a chance to win an astronomy book, by answering the question, asked in the end. Meantime, I would like to thank Mr. Chinthaka Weerakoon, the conductor of "Taru Widu Saraniya", the producer, assistant producer, the technical team, the staff of SLBC and all others, behind the voice. It's my firm conviction that Taru Widu Saraniya will continue to be the best astronomy radio program in Sri Lanka.

May you long live, Taru Widu Saraniya!

I think that there should be more programs like this everywhere, and more often as it's already the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA 2009)