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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Latest Astronomy Podcast of Kaguya & Endeavor News

Latest Astronomy Podcast of Kaguya & Endeavor News
I was again privileged to contribute for yet another astronomy podcast, courtesy of
In fact the podcast was scheduled to be recorded online via Skype in the night of last Saturday, the 13th June 2009. However there we 3 pod casters online, namely the two webmasters of Hasitha Karunarathne and Madusha Dedigamuwa, together with me. We had planned to focus on 2 latest topics, which were the Kaguya's Lunar Impact and Endeavor Shuttle's delay, which was reported to us a short while ago. Unfortunately due to a certain technical problem, (In fact it was my mike, which was not performing properly) we postponed the podcast to next evening.

However, by that time we had flocked to Hasitha's home and recorded the podcast there.

The podcast started with the news of Kaguya, as Hasitha Karunarathne was carrying it out.
During the podcast, Madusha Dedigamuwa described the early attempts for impacts with Moon, such as by Chandrayan 1 if India and the latest image analysis data, of the impact, Actually there was a faint flare/ flash shapped in high sensitive telescopes. He also explained how the JAXA's ( Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) Selene project carried out the missions towards the very end of Kaguya.

I, Prasanna Deshapriya explained the existed situation of Endeavor Shuttle, as the launch had been delayed, due to a reported hydrogen leak. In fact at that time it had been delayed till the following Wednesday, that would be today, the 17th. Further I spoke of the objectives of the mission that was to install 2 modules to the Japanese Science Kibo Module and the replacement of the Japanese astronaut Koichi Wataka aboard the ISS(International Space Station) by NASA Flight Engineer Timothy Copra.

You can listen to the Podcast here


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