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Friday, June 12, 2009

Astronomy News: Kaguya Crashed into Moon

Astronomy News: Kaguya Crashed into Moon
Having orbited Moon for almost 2 years and having completed its mission successfully, Kaguya the Japanese Spacecraft, crashed on the surface of Moon last Wednesday, leaving the Earthlings its cherished memory as it make flashes of flares upon smashing into the Lunar territories.

Having snapped for each 0.6 seconds this series of images, features how the collusion took place. If you look carefully, you will probably notice the flare being brightly visible on the second image (center). The third shows a much faded-away image while the flare seems to have been disappearing when it comes to the last image of the series.

(Image: Jeremy Bailey/University of New South Wales/Steve Lee/Anglo-Australian Observatory)

Credits go to the observers at Anglo-Australian Telescope.