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Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Astronomy Awareness Program to be held tomorrow

It is a pleasure to tell you all that I have been invited together with my fellow astronomer Pulasthi Shyamika Kanatthage for an astronomy awareness program to be held at Richard Pathirana College, Galle, Sri Lanka. The program will be held tomorrow 22nd June, at 11:00 am (01:30 h EDT) at the college premises.

The awareness program includes 2 main lectures on Basic Astronomy & Eclipses. The session is scheduled to last 2 hours plus an interactive discussion session. What I feel is that there should be more events like this for the awareness and better understanding of astronomy. Since this is IYA 2009, the opportunity is here, so as to popularize and promote astronomy and International Year of Astronomy in geAn Astronomy Awareness Program to be held tomorrow in Galleneral.

We have prepared to make the event more informative and exciting with some secret plans, which will be revealed during the program. Moreover it's great that we got a news to Colombo from Galle that there would be a participation of more than 100 students for this event. If you are nearby the city of Galle, located in Southern Sri Lanka, just feel free to drop in during the noon and witness another productive event of IYA 2009.

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