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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 & Thank you

Happy New Year to you all !!

2009 is gone and a new decade has come into being !!
During 2009 many changes came into effect in 2009. For Sri Lanka, the civil war ended in May 2009, That was the biggest victory in 2009 for International Year of Astronomy !!

However I'd take this opportunity to thank you all for being with me and my blog throughout this period right from the beginning !! Moreover your support was a great blessing for me to keep continuing my blogging task on IYA2009 astronomy Sri Lanka, Your comments were nice and they ended up making many links with each other. It was a great collaboration right from the beginning !!

My facebook friends were also fans of this astronomy blog, Prof. Kavan , Mark, Mike, Sabrina, Arif, Fiami, Bertha, Jo, Paulie, Remko, Gayandhi, Anu, Hasitha, Thilina and all others were readers of my blog and sometimes we worked together to achieve certain milestones and I believe that's the key feature that enabled us in getting so closer in International Year of Astronomy.

Moreover Google also helped me and I have received Google PageRank 5 at the moment.

Hats off to you all !!!


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