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Sunday, January 10, 2010

IYA2009 Teleblogged : Ron Ekers on "Large Radio Astronomy Projects”

What a closing ceremony it is !! Getting more exciting !! New innovative ideas/ suggestions to carry forward the basic theme of IYA2009, yes it should go beyond IYA2009, and I hopw it will continue to do so, in the times to come !!

I was just having a break after making the first post of my so-called tele-blogging (Is it a legal word, let me know, I don't think I coined a word, do I ?) I just googled "teleblogging" lolz, it says there are 34,200 results,

And Yes, the 4 Noble Prizes in astronomy !!

Any way now back to tele-blogging, I was listening to the comprehensive presentation given by Ron Ekers on "Large Radio Astronomy Projects”. Ron was from Australian and he went on to say so much important stuff, while I was busy taking screen shots, It was really astounding and I was kinda enchanted to the flow he maintained during his presentation, and there were also comments, afterwards made by the audience, especially Catherine, the former president,

And Let's go through some shots I captured..

I agree with Lee, the pictures say 1000 words...

And the speech is over now, I'll post some more images/ photos with regard to this in the next post !!!

It's the Coffee break now, Lee, it's the time you stood up from the bench !!!