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Sunday, January 10, 2010

IYA2009 Closing Ceremony, Padua, Italy -- For me it's Tele- blogging

Yes, Lee Pullen, You and cosmic diary have inspired me !! I am grateful that I can tele-blog from Sri Lanka about the same event as you do, with the inspiration from you !!

Well now the fascinating talk of astronomy in wavelengths is over, I wish it went some time, but we should be aware that it's time permitting as well,  Thank you Isabelle Grenier for such an educating presentation, I really liked the slides she used,

Now comes another person to the podium, and I can see that the name of the person, engraved in the beautiful holder, is replaced. As I recall it was Sabrina, who was doing this stuff and I remember how she was helping Catherine previous day !! Today the face is not much clear !! But let's keep watching !!

Now focus on the speaker !!

He is Roberto Gilmozzi, surely Italian, as the accent sounds !! He is speaking about Telescopes, of course the eyes on the skies, the sophisticated and cutting-edge eyes !! He will continue to speak on Large Ground-based Optical Telescopes, as per the agenda, and now I've attache herewith some images that I took as screen captures.

Keep tuned in,

And I should thank to Lee again for mentioning me in his LiveBlog posts. and for the facebook as well, for letting me communicate with Lee at the same time, he's doing an outstanding job out there in the squeezed bench !!