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Sunday, January 10, 2010

IYA2009 Closing Ceremony - Speech of Vincenzo Giorgio,Thales Alenia Space, Principal Sponsor of IYA2009

I just uploaded the video that I recorded, featuring the address of Vincenzo Giorgio, of Thales Alenia Space, Principal Sponsor !!

This is what he said in his speech (in video). He spoke on "Unlocking the secrets of the Universe". And I think cocktail party is progressing there in Padua now. I was on a chat with Lee of Cosmicdiary. He was there blogging in his LiveBlog for CosmicDiary and the live stream is also finished now. I wonder if they are gonna start the streaming again for the Orchestra to happen tonight !!

Don't forget to catch up Lee Pullen with his Live blog tomorrow @ !!

And this is the video !!