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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beauty Without Borders: Hello, Red Planet !

The universe is such an amazing place that always leaves us with something to explore, on our own. But many people miss the joy of experiencing and enjoying this awesome beauty. Beauty Without Borders is a project of Astronomers Without Borders and Sidewalk Astronomers.

Hello, Red Planet !

Yes, Hello, Earthling! how are you ?

Well, don't expect something like that, Hello, Red Planet is the Martian Observation Campaign that's set up by the Astronomers Without Borders and Sidewalk Astronomers.There would be a global partnership for this project, with 13 countries have now confirmed their participation. Hello, Red Planet will allow many people around the world to observe the Mars from January 25th, through the 30th to witness the amazing celestial phenomenon, known as Mars at opposition.

This can also be interpreted as a Martian encounter, where you'll get a bigger Mars much close to the Earth, Probably you might even have noticed some difference with the star-like object that you see in east some time after the sun set. In fact it's the Mars that you see and you can use binoculars or the telescope to better observe the Mars.

Here are the best days to observe !!

Jan 27, 2010
Closest approach of Mars and Earth (0.664 AU = 99.33 million km). Apparent diameter of Mars is 14.105".

Jan 29, 2010
Mars opposition on Earth. Apparent brightness of Mars reaches -1.28 mag in constellation Cancer.

Go ahead and organize campaigns to get as many people as possible to observe this great natural phenomenon, which takes place once in nearly 2 years. Therefore don't miss it !! Show it to everybody in your area/ neighborhood. Get on to streets, parks and catch up this Martian encounter.

If you have a local astronomy club, you can get together and organized something for this, it may be a star party or an observation camp. Get as any people as possible and let them watch it. You can also send in your stories, saying how the event went on, along with few of photos, that were taken, and here is the form that you'd need.

Date of your event:
Website (if available):

You can email the info to When they receive your event details, they will list you as a participant at the BWB website.

And here are participating countries, that have been confirmed. (in alphabetical order)

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Germany
  4. Iraq
  5. Italy
  6. Jamaica
  7. Mozambique
  8. Nepal
  9. Nicaragua
  10. Philippines
  11. Sri Lanka (Yes, it's great that we're also in the picture)
  12. U.K.
  13. U.S.A.