The Blog Has Moved !

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Continuing the Story of Ron Ekers, with my Built-in Teleblog

I have some more images to be posted featuring Ron Ekers, Ron and Lee may be having coffee and I'm stipp uploading th images.. Hold on.. well the upload done, here go the images.................and apparently the Coffee session is over, a laughter from the audience,

Oh Damn !!
The current went down, gius it's now that the current came in !!

What an attack to my teleblog !!

I don't know what caused this, and now I'n hearing the name of H G Wells in the and Shape of Things to Come, we I've read this book, lol >> Atomic Bomb, coining a new word !!

and that's it !!

I missed almost 45 minutes, due to this unavoidable current loss, and now I'm recovering the last recorded video..\\

I wish I had a laptop, and id I did, I could have continuously blogged !!