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Sunday, January 10, 2010

IYA2009 Closing Ceremony : It's now all over

Here concludes the IYA2009, I was lucky enough to catch up the last part of the show as the current came back, and I also lost the recovery of previous session of recording, as the current suddenly went down.. the recovery with camtasia failed..

Catherine at the last moments of IYA2009 Closing Ceremony !!

OK, here is Robert Williams new President of IAU, bidding farewell to IYA2009, with his speech !! Well of course, Franco Pacini should be thanked for if it had not been his idea, there wouldn't have been an IYA !! I remember how Catherine Cesarsky the former president of International Astronomical Union, thanked him even yesterday during the 1st day's session at the IYA2009 Closing ceremony. Thank you Franco so much !!

Well now it's Catherine  who was elaborating on the legacies of IYA2009, many of the Cornerstones as well as Special projects will continue, I hear that Cosmic Diary will keep being written. Good news for you guys Lee !!

Here I also got Lee with a quick chat via Facebook, !!

Ladies & Gentlemen, you are now witnessing ,Catherine unveiling a new logo, Beyond IYA !! much like the old IYA2009 logo, but a difference !! A clear difference, beyond IYA2009 logo, Did I sound like an announcer ?

Franco, Robert and Catherine ! The Bosses of IYA2009 all together !! What a joy !!!

Catherine at the last minutes of IYA2009Closing Ceremony,

Live Streaming is now Over,

As I heard everyone is now heading for some square and they will have a Jupiter observation session there, That's all IYA2009 is all over now !!!

Thank you UNESCO & IAU for bringing us this amazing year !!

And after a while I caught Lee on FB and he said, he would head to the same place, where others would be observing !! and He wanted to pack his things,, Well the LiveBlog ends as it seems and so will the TeleBlog as well, Thanks again Lee for your outstanding efforts in bring the Earthlings a fine opportunity to be updated about IYA2009 Closing Ceremony without having to make it to Padua, Italy.